Branch Activities

The Colour Party
    The Branch 58 Colour Party  was formed in 1930 and was one of the first Legion Drill Teams in Ontario.  The uniform adopted in 1933 consisted of blue blazers with piping and grey trousers wth a blue wedge cap.  In 1937 they adopted their distinctive dark blue, open collar tunics with gold trim, dark blue pants with a gold stripe with a  Sam Brown belt. At first they wore a blue wedge cap but it was soon replaced with dark blue forage cap. The Colour Party had to  part with this unique uniform in the 1970’s to conform with the standard blue blazers and grey flannels and blue berets of other Legion colour parties, but after several years, they decided to return to it.

      The Colour Party provides the ceremonial protocols at all Legion functions, Remembrance and Decoration Day services and represents the Branch in various other parades.   We are always looking for new members. No experience is necessary.


The Ladies Auxiliary

      The Ladies’ Auxiliary of Branch 58 is actually older than the branch itself.  It began with the Legion’s predecessor, the Great War Veterans Association in 1917 and served by visiting wounded soldiers and sailors who were recovering at the Victoria Convalescent Home.  They met at various halls and at Fairfield school. In 1926 the Great War Veterans Association was one of the founding organizations for the new Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League and the East Hamilton Ladies Auxiliary became the Branch 58 Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary.
     During World War II, the ladies visited wounded and sick soldiers in Hamilton hospitals and at the Sunnybrook and Christie Street Military hospitals in Toronto.  They treated the soldiers to cigarettes and candy. They set up booths at the CNR station and at the Army Trade School to provide coffee, cakes, candy and cigarettes to servicemen who were arriving home or passing through.  At Christmas food packages were sent to sons of members who were serving overseas.

    The Ladies Auxiliary have provided lunch after the parades and cater Legion banquets.  They also cater weddings, banquets and other functions for outside groups renting the halls.  These hard working ladies contribute much to the Legion both financially and with volunteer work.  Their support is essential to the branch.

      At the present time, the due to age, many of the ladies are unable to participate and so the Auxiliary is inactive.



Branch 58 runs several in-house leagues for darts, billiards and pool, cribbage and euchre.  Some sports leagues may also be inter mural (between other clubs and branches).   At the present time our Sports programmes are being phased back as permitted by COVID rules  .

Pipe Band

 The Branch 58 Pipe Band is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, Legion Pipe Bands in Canada.  It has been continuous operation since 1927.  We practice on Monday nights from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  We offer free instruction and welcome beginners of all ages.  If you want to learn more or join the band, call:

      Pipe Major Doug Tulloch at 905-664-4086    or email