Our mission is to serve veterans and their dependents, promote Remembrance and act in the service of Canada and its communities.

Since 1926 the Legion has been fulfilling this mission statement in many ways:

  • They deal directly with the Federal Government to secure adequate pensions and benefits for veterans and their dependents.

  • They advocate on behalf of individual veterans with  the DVA.

  • They supported the troops during World War II and Korea through canteens, recreation and entertainment.

  • They provide comradeship and recreation for veterans.

  • The Legion advocates for seniors housing and long term care.

  • Through the Poppy Fund, they provide canes, wheelchairs and other assistive devices and help veterans in need.

  • They are involved with the community by sponsoring cadets, scouts and guides, youth and sports organizations.

  • Remembrance is perpetuated through Remembrance Day, Decoration Day, Convention and church parades and through the Poppy Drive.

  • During Remembrance Week members visit schools and talk to the children about the wars.

Phone  905-544-6385

The current hall, also known as Earl Haig Memorial Hall, was opened in 1974, replacing the original building that was destroyed by fire in 1973.