The Poppy Campaign

       The Poppy is the recognized international symbol of Remembrance, inspired by Col. John McCrea’s famous poem  “In Flanders Fields.”  From the last weekend in October until November 11, Legion members, cadets and volunteers will be seen selling poppies at the malls and in public places.  Many small businesses are pleased to allow the Legion to leave a poppy box on their counters for donations.  Funds raised are used to help veterans and dependents in distress, to provide canes, wheel chairs and other assisstive devices and to help hospitals to provide better care through equipment for veterans and others.  The Poppy Campaign also serves to keep the memory of the sacrifices and Remembrance alive and in the public eye.  During the campaign, veterans visit the schools to talk to the students about their experiences and the importance of Remembrance.  This also connects children to real people who were there.