Branch 58 Pipes and Drums

         Branch 58 Pipes and Drums was founded in  1927 and has been in continuous operation for 90 years.  Thus it is one of the oldest Legion pipe bands in Canada.  We have now completed our 90th anniversary year.  The band plays for Remembrance and Decoration Day Parades, Legion functions, parades for other Veterans organizations and general public parades and events in the Hamilton area.

        We are looking for new members of all ages to join us.  No experience is necessary.   We would especially like to have young people, teenagers, to train the next generation of pipers and drummers.  We believe that a pipe band is a valuable activity for young people.  They gain an appreciation of history, tradition, culture and values..  This is especially true with Legion bands where so much of our service is related to veterans and  Remembrance.  We maintain a long tradition of offering free instruction.   We practice every Monday night from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m.  This allows for younger members to get home early.

        For more information,  call:

   Pipe Major Jim Murray    905-544-1819

   or   Pipe Sergeant Doug Tulloch    905-664-4086   

      or e-mail