The Colour Party 

     The Branch 58 Colour Party  was formed in 1930 and was one of the first Legion Drill Teams in Ontario.  The uniform adopted in 1933 consisted of blue blazers with piping and grey trousers wth a blue wedge cap.  In 1937 they adopted their distinctive dark blue, open collar tunics with gold trim, dark blue pants with a gold stripe with a  Sam Brown belt.  At first they wore a blue wedge cap but it was soon replaced with  dark blue forage cap.  The Colour Party had to  part with this unique uniform in the 1970’s to conform with the standard blue blazers and grey flannels and blue berets of other Legion colour parties, but after several years, they decided to return to it.

        The Colour Party provides the ceremonial protocols at all Legion functions, Remembrance and Decoration Day services and represents the Branch in various other parades.   We are always looking for new members.  No experience is necessary.